About Laser Hair Removal

The purpose of Laser Hair Removal is to diminish or remove unwanted hair forever. The procedure requires more than one treatment, and the number of treatments vary between individuals. Laser Hair Removal treatment can be done in all parts of the body, in any skin color.

How it works

The laser light targets the melanin in the hair, heating the hair, which consequently will destroy its root if they are in the anagen phase (hair attached to its root), or damaging it if it is in catagen or telogen phase (hair NOT attached to the root).

Studies show that we have an average of 10% to 20% of hair in anagen phase in a given time depending on the area.

This is the reason that multiple sessions will be necessary. Sessions should be done 4 to 8 weeks apart depending on the area.

Do’s & Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal

— Don’t expose the area being treated to the sun 2 weeks before and after the session (your skin can be tanned, but not recently)
— If you take any prescription drugs ask your doctor if it is safe (photosensitivity to drugs)
— Don’t use any cream, lotion, or oils before the treatment (skin should be clean)
— Don’t tweeze, pluck or wax the hair before laser treatment (we need the hair inside to get to the root) the hair should be shaved 1 or 2 days before
— Don’t leave makeup residue on, skin/face should be squeaky clean before treatment to avoid irritation, rash or any other reaction
— Don’t exercise 12 hours after the treatment (skin irritation may happen because of sweat and/or heat)
— Don’t work in gray, blond, red and brown hair (we need the melanin to get the hair to destroy the root) only
— Must use sunblock 30spf at all times